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Confira a Letra The Trash You Spit

Jake Hill

The Trash You Spit

I got woes and I got worries
I got hope but that shits blurry
Keep my head up til I’m dead up
In the hole that I get buried in
Been looking behind me
Pressure inside me
Kicking and fighting been
Trapped in the ivy
I’m undecided
I just keep quiet
I just been waiting for someone to
Try me

Tell me what you know about me tell me that I’m fine
Can you hear me can you feel me
Do you know what’s in my mind?

Give me a remedy
Give me serenity
I won’t stop kicking
Til you see the end of me
Double up the stake cause I got a bit of luck
Going all in I don’t give a fuck

I don’t give a fuck
What you say
I’m the pavement you’re the rain
Wash away the mud then check it
I’m right back the next day, bitch
Looking for me you can find me
Stacking up the bodies
Of enemies feel the energy
I bet you couldn’t handle it
Just take a step inside of my head
And then get up out of it
I dug up out the bottom
All your words I'mma swallow em
Spit em right back in your fuckin' face
I’m on a separate way
You should just step away
Don’t even say my name
I will not fade until I become something great
You keep on talking I’ll keep digging graves

Motherfucker I'mma Die a King
All that trash you spit don’t mean a God damn thing