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Confira a Letra So Cold

Jamie Lidell

So Cold

You find it so easy to cut me down
Throw out all that so-called wisdom of yours around
But what the hell are we fighting for?
Before you show your true colors
Let me show you the door, the door, the door
Let me show you the door, the door, the door
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

You used to be so cool
But now, you know you’re so cold (so cold)
You used to be so cool
But now
What the hell happened to you to make you so cold? (so cold)

Maybe you were just this way from the start
Maybe I was just too blind, living in the dark
But now the wool got a lifted from my eye
And all that old bullshit
You know you can’t disguise

You look so smart, but it seems to be
You got totally caught up in your vanity
You won’t get my sympathy
Just get a grip before you come back looking for me