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Confira a Letra Let Me Down Easy

Jimi Jamison

Let Me Down Easy

When I was a young boy,
I had me a dream,
I want to be famous in the rock & roll scene,
I had a vision about to unfold,
Better believe me, it's takin my soul.

Let me down easy, easy.

My folks all told me,
You'll never make it pay,
Singin' and playin' til the break of day,
I love it so much,
And the taste is so sweet,
Gonna keep on tryin' til my,
Maker I meet.

So let me down easy, easy.

As time passed on, I realize,
With the help of my brothers,
We could make a good life,
So i'm gonna keep on so we all,
Can see,
Cause I got two strong legs,
Gonna carry me.

Let me down easy.