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Confira a Letra When Rock Was King

Jimi Jamison

When Rock Was King

A yellowed eight by ten in a ragged press kit folder
A tattered poster hanging on my bedroom wall
A snakeskin jacket in the back row of my closet
I can hear the echoes as the music rocks the hall
A bygone day in its grandeur and its glory
The scent of illegal incense in the air
Everyone i know has at least a few good stories
But if you recall the eighties - were you really there?

Hop aboard this laser beam - it's eighties on my time machine
When rock was king
Zeppelin dropped the wrecking ball
Loverboy would lead the call - to keep rocking
These times are taller than the tale
You can't exaggerate the power and the scale
When rock was king

Styx would rock the paradise - survivor saw with tiger's eye
When rock was king
Motley crue and toto too - boston - kansas and mr. mister
We lived the dream
Even though eighties are a triumph come and gone
The tenors of these times are singing strong
When rock was king

When ac/dc rock the sheds
Angus would take control
Ann wilson left the house in shreds - with heart
Stopping rock and roll
When rock was our religion
Big dreams - big hairs - big visions

Quiet riot felt the noise - 38 special were wild-eyed boys
When rock was king
Surrendering to the cheap trick - with reo and aerosmith
When got our wings
So climb aboard the starship - rainbow bound
This journey's come full circle to the sound
When rock was king - when rock was king - when rock was king

Everything old is new again - when rock was king
Everything new is old again - when rock was king