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Confira a Letra Completely Yours


Completely Yours

Please don't ignore me
I'm your very best friend
I'll be here forever
You can count on that
You've got your damages
And I've got mine
We've corrected the discrepancies
And we're moving on
It's accurate, the computations
One and one is two
I don't need a calculator
I've got my mind to use
You don't incorporate how I was before
It doesn't matter to you
And I forgot me anyway
I just remembered
Your eyes and mouth and hands
The way that you love me
I'm completely yours
This time I'm certain
I give up my life
I throw it to the universe,
Where you are tonight
I have restated my vows again to you
You're all that I care about
Let the world go on its way
And we close down the day
And the sun goes down
I'll be with you at night and forever long

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