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Confira a Letra Khartoum



There came a time when I knew
It wasn't your dream
The things we said weren't so important
And you drifted away
Coming back for a moment to remind me
The fact that a day was a long time
And my hormones became unsteady
And you spent your time with your friends
Don't you have anything for me
I heard you say
But the combination of you not caring
And my inability to comprehend
Shot you out in the distant galaxy
And I don't know how to act
So I take these basic things
And I think about them
But everyone knows I'm unstable
Since you went away
I'm not thinking much these days
In long established ways
It doesn't matter what I think
I don't care about it
I don't want to think
I want to know
Make me a slow moving creature without complexities
I don't want my mind to go
To a thousand places
Some day I hope to leave this room again
And find you in that woman again