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Confira a Letra The Daze


The Daze

I fell into a deep sleep
I got lost in the daze
I fell into a deep sleep
I forgot my tears
I found some trees
And I walked through the trees
The sun came up, the sun went down
My eyes looked around
I saw this in bed like a soft flash
I didn’t feel my feet on the ground
I didn’t think about who I was
I didn’t think
I just passed through the visions
And the colors and the things
I mainly saw green and grey
And then some blue and red
The things passing by didn’t stop for me
I watched and I moved
The moments passed like a string of things of life came and it went off
I waited
I watched the pictures in the night
I saw the images of day
My body went through the motions at least it seemed that way
I went into a deep sleep
I found a new way to pass the day
Yes time was like ice melting in the sun
Everything was automatic, necessity was gone
I took the ride
I stood inside
And let the wild go around
I don’t have desire I just move
And all the panicked stood still
It all had a semblance from somewhere far away
But no familiar distinction
Get him away to force a reaction
It was all one direction
I didn’t have to turn around
I thought I found some new heaven
A place without words
It was like a stream of lightning path and I walked down that road
I didn’t think of an end or where it began and there was no pressure
It was like a cloud under that bright light path walking through the trees
And all the visions and the moments
And the pictures and that special society that developed
A semblance to the waking hours
But I didn’t hear any voices
And I didn’t have to talk
I didn’t have to laugh
I didn’t have to cry
I didn’t spend any time wondering why
I got real lost and didn’t care
There was no distinction anywhere
And there was a fine willing
I fell in love with a tree
I became like a tree
And nobody knew me
They didn’t care
The world walked amongst me
The world walked amongst me
I was that path
I was that sleep
I was that image
And now the days come and go
Turned upside down
I walk and I stand there all at the same time
I move like a breeze in and out at once
I feel into a deep sleep
I got lost in the daze

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