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Confira a Letra I Gave My Eternity


I Gave My Eternity

Oh, I like calls at night
It's not serious enough
I'm off for the day
I shut out the lights
I watched the day pass
And in these moments
I intermittently escape
To that space around my epicenter
It don't need to go far
For me to see it here
In many ways, yes
But in all ways, no
I can't see too far
And I don't want to
It's your own little world
And you live here
You know I want to be alone
Now that's why I don't find you
But you may be around
And if I don't get you I still am found
I gave my eternity
Gave it away
And you can find it under your sway
Whoever calls it night is not serious enough
At night I've gone back to where I came from
I see my journey in a thousand ways
Take off your mask now
Reveal yourself
Come out and show me
You beautiful thing
I'll just be me here in the space around me
Get good machines now
Don't buy mediocrity
You'll eat your lunch now
Like a low place swamp traveler
Who happens upon a kingdom he likes
And he will serve you now
I'll make him do that
He's at your service
Have you the strength
To be he she now?
Get up and go
And if you stop now
Hey! Go go go go
Go go go go now
You're here, I'm there