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Confira a Letra Down To The Vertigans

Janove Ottesen

Down To The Vertigans

I´m heading down to the vertigan
I´ll pick you up, when i come by
He said, this season has been extraordinary
But, there´s no particular reason why

I´m heading down to the vertigans
He said, he sure could use a hand
It´s a good time, to set the pigeons free
These are the good times for the whole


As long as the rain keeps pourning,
You´ll have fields of green
And as long as the sun keeps shining,
On your way
Keep your engines running, once you start
Keep your radio tuned to the national charts
You listen to it,whether you like it or not
When you stroll down to the vertigans

So, we´re heading down to the vertigans
And of course we should´ve been there by now
But, the local club is doing so fine this

I say we drop in, and give our support