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Confira a Letra Love Is The Protest

Jars Of Clay

Love Is The Protest

Get Love Out On The Dance Floor
Reflects Off The Mirror Ball
Sending Fragments Of Life To The Poor

Get Love Out In The Nameless Streets
Child, You'll Finally Eat
Love, Love Is The Protest

When You Rise, Do You See?
Love is The Protest
How You Fight, Let It Be
Love Is The Protest

Let Love Make Saints Out Of Hypocrites
Let Grace Fall From Broken Lips
Turn Dirty Rags Into White Flags

Let Peace Crawl Out Of The Mystery
Show How Blinding The Light Can Be
Don't Be Afraid Of What You See
Love Is The Protest

I Want Peace, But It's Not What I'm Used To
I Want Love, But It Hurts When It Gets Through
I'm Surrounded By People Who Don't Think Like I Do

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