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Confira a Letra Scenic Route

Jars Of Clay

Scenic Route

Don't turn your back on me
Or read in between my words
I'm trying to drag this out
Taking the scenic route

I know we could get there much faster if we wanted to
But that isn't what you and I came here to do

No nails to untie the knots
No veins left to take the shots
No touch to end a fight
Or letting who's wrong be right

We're just sitting like novels we've picked up but never read through
You think you know my ending, I think I know yours, too
You see, nowhere in these old conversations is there anything new

Even though we know the sun will rise
Every ray of light still takes us by, by surprise

Baby, leave it all behind
Baby, leave it all behind
Missed a road sign
I don't want to get home soon
Drive the car all the way around the moon
Baby, we could get lost
We have another state to cross
We could find each other out
Tell our secrets on the scenic route
I don't want to get home soon
Drive the car around the moon
I don't want to crush you or rush you
I'm not going faster if you want to and if you want to
I don't want to rush you or crush you
But I won't go faster if you want to
It's not what we came here to do
I just want to drive
I just want to drive

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