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Confira a Letra Tonight (B-Side)

Jars Of Clay

Tonight (B-Side)

chasing the sound of lullabies that echo, that entwine
the funeral songs we're singing

heal the pain of unheard warnings
light will fill where dark is dawning
show the world and bring us back to life

i know you've been a friend of sorrow
and if i never wake tomorrow
i still believe you carry me tonight

tonight, tonight

hallowed be the life that leads the rest of us from sleep
out of the dream to waking

right behind the quake and longing
i stand and watch cathedrals falling
i still believe you'll take us through the night


tonight, tonight
tonight, tonight

i know you've been



tonight (if i never wake tomorrow)
i still belive you carry me tonight, tonight
i still belive you carry me tonight

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