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Confira a Letra Ghost In The Moon

Jars Of Clay

Ghost In The Moon

Ghost in the moon
Walking alone
All this dark on the streets
Not every man has his day
Every dog gets its bone

Had a heart of a kin
Nothing I touch turn to gold
Now my love holds no spending
And it hurts to remember that I'm a ghost in the moon

I'll be fine as long as moon still shines
And know that the day will come soon
Love will come back around tonight
With the hounds
A ghost in the moon

It is a beautiful thing
To be held
To be loved
Though I lost more than one
And the roses will bloom for this ghost in the moon

I smile at the stars
While they flow cross the sky
I will too all the wishes I make
And they coming true

I'll be fine as the moon still shines
I will be come back
With the hounds
The ghost in the moon

It is beautiful thing
To be held
To be loved
Though I lost more than one
I know the roses will bloom
For the ghost in the moon

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