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Confira a Letra Daddy Dog

Jasmine Minks

Daddy Dog

"No more bosses versus workers. We are on the same side, the same team."
Tony Blair, Labour Party Conference, Blackpool 1996

"We knock in our pan's and they don't give a damn, no they don't"

The 70's strikers sang, and from civil disobedience sprang a collective stand, Forcing change in many lands.

But the 80's broke the united vote and trade unionism died a death. Margaret Thatcher's attacks on the working class, damaged solidarity, It split brother, sister, kith and kin.

Divide and Conquer was her basic rule, utilising greed to capture votes. Our civil rights got choked, eroding both collective and individual hope, Impacting deep despair and suffering.

Now the 21st century's here, it's blatantly clear, we're under multinational control. This makes them happy to see because they require us to be, Dysfunctional disordered and still torn apart.

We must strive to fight for given rights because true identity allows us insight. They don't want the people to be, they don't want the masses to see that, Controlled and justified anger gives us proles strengthened might.

We must come together, now as never before, stand up proud and act as one. Don't be put down, trampled to the ground, just don't take it anymore, Network together, cooperate, and sustain in unified cohesion.

Self-emancipation is the explanation for the battle against capitalisation. Conviction to individual liberation will defeat racism, sexism, humiliation, We have to help those that need.

Our rallying cry is clear: Stand up and be counted!