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Confira a Letra Kill For The One You Love

Jasmine Minks

Kill For The One You Love

I was out walking round
People were falling down
Like ninepins at my feet
It turns my stomach round
But nothing's ever done
I hope this is a terrible dream

Then there's some friend of mine
Wiling away her time
Walking in the summer breeze
She's going home to bed
Her boyfriend is lying dead
Shot protecting his own Queen

Kill for the one you love ?

Terraced suburban street
Kids playing fighting games
Guns behind closed eyes
I'm back at the front again
But my mind is on love not pain
Blind obedience gone

Kill for the one you love ?

'Why are we doing this?'
Means the same in any tongue

Back to reality
The guns in my silly dream
Are placed down on the ground
We speak the same language
Connected in brand new ways
We'll never be the same again

And kill for the things we think we love

And if I get out of this place
Alive or dead I don't care
But if I am still alive
Promise me you'll come back to me
Kill for the one you love?
I can't kill you for someone else
Or the place that I was born
The rules have been changed from this moment on
Love is going to rule my world
All the bravado will be gone
And the blaming of someone else
The time we have is the time we love
Is the law from this time on

Don't kill for the one you love