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Confira a Letra More Over Than This

Jasmine Rae

More Over Than This

I heard those words as soon as they left my mouth
And I can’t take em back, now that I’ve let them out
And sorry don’t mean nothing, and that’s just how it is
Guess it don’t get more over than this

I didn’t know I was leavin til after I gone
Spent too long believing that nothing was wrong
But this is our last memory, that was our last kiss
And it don’t get more over than this

Some things you can’t hide
And you’ve got to let go
It’s not for us to decide
What our hearts already know
‘Cause when it’s over and done
There’s some things you can’t fix
Oh and it don’t get more over than this

We’ve argued so long but I just don’t have the fight
‘Cause it don’t matter who was wrong or right
But looking back it’s something that we both know we’ll miss
But it don’t get more over than this

Oh it don’t get more over than this