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Confira a Letra She's not the enemy

Jason Falkner

She's not the enemy

Oh if you wanna talk to her, just go up and talk to her and she won't mind
Do yourself a favor boy, in this world for hesitation there's no time
Serve her up a slice of life, she don't have to be your wife to understand
Give her something interesting and something no one else can, see, you followin' me?

She's not the enemy
No she's not the enemy
She's not the enemy
No she's not the enemy

Yeah let's talk about the stratosphere even though we're stuck down here it's alright
Just another cracked idea, I can tell you what you feared late last night


Gotta keep tellin' yourself
Gotta keep tellin' yourself
Just keep tellin' yourself

If you wanna talk to me, just go up and talk to me, I won't mind
Do yourself a favor girl, in this world for hesitation, there's no time (there's no time)
Say you want the slice of life, you don't have to be my wife to understand
Nothing ever ends it just begins, again, you followin' me?

(chorus 2x)