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Confira a Letra The neighbor

Jason Falkner

The neighbor

There's a life right outside of your window
So many eyes, never looked your way
That makes you feel you're ?? in a dream
Believe me it's no dream
It's everything you've seen
Do you know what I mean?

I am the neighbor
I owe you a favor
Human behavior
To look for a savior

I am the neighbor
I owe you a favor
You need a savior
Come on back to me later

We can talk, we can talk about anything
And if you like you can confide in me
With your eyes you will see that I'm listening
To every word you say
And trust me it's OK
To give yourself away


I'm the one who wrote you all the notes
I'm the one who gave you the fur coat
Yeah I'm the one who wants you from afar
But never showed you
But now you know

I am the neighbor
I am the neighbor

I am the neighbor
Do you need a favor