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Confira a Letra Defcon 4

Jay Electronica

Defcon 4

Upgrade to defcon 4
It's war with the dragon
10, 000 zealots packed tight in a wagon
Aiming for the head of the beast with horns
Queens night to c3
Son the beef is on
When I was a young buck
My mom tried to school me
Son I'm a angel but the devil want to rule me
Hidin in the bush trying to swallow my seed
Have patience
Move cunning
Never wallow and greed
Yes ma'm when I make a big man
I wage war
Settle the score
Revenge all the fathers of your
Got my mic in my one hand
The sword in the other
Jay electronica
The lord of the thunder
It's drama in the wilderness
I'm molding away
3000 by 2000 square miles of clay
Babylon baby long gone to dye or set
From the uk to usa
My def threat
Reign supreme
I leave cracked atom and found creme
A law tablein over coffee and cream
These yellow wack rappers took tale and flee swiftly
Many men want to take my life like fifty
But I push through the threshold
And press to the death
Step by step by hill through bass and treble cleft
It's war with the dragon
Man up and react
As I launch this nuclear attack on wacks/wax