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Confira a Letra Higher Baby

On your mark get set and now go
A worldwide show
Now here's the intro
The torch is lit and now the gun is pointed
Perpare for the world's best to be annoited
On the field of dreams hopes and passion
Some will manifest while some get smashed in
To smitherines now who's the best team
There goes the gun now run
Out the blocks now who's the perpetrators
Time to zip through to the real gladiators
Your soul's possesed by Hercules
Barcelona's now aincent Rome
And there ain't no stoppin' no turnin' back
No giving up and no cutting slack
The spirit of Zeus is loose
Feel the fire
Taking us higher higher

Higher baby get up a little higher
Push a little harder or a little bit faster

In your face now take that
Get on track or ya best step back
Don't come here tryin' to moan and groan
If you ain't stone well then ya best go home
Oops watch out look out here comes another one
He wasn't quite ready son
Coming hard is a must
Cause you come soft you get crushed
This ain't no time nor place for the weak
Certain defeat meets the mob of a meet
A coliseum or in streets it's the same
A battle to see who wears the gold chain
Win or lose it's how you play it they tell me
But you ask me I want the G-O-L-D
Three winners but my desire
Is to do a little lower and I'll be the one that's


Michael Jordan
Get up a little higher
Scottie Pippen
Get up a little higher
Mr. Robinson
Get up a little higher
Charles Barkley
Get up a little higher
Magic Johnson
Get up a little higher
Larry Bird
Get up a little higher
Patrick Ewing
Get up a little higher
Chris Mullin
Get up a little higher
Karl Malone
Get up a little higher
John Stockton
Get up a little higher
Clyde Drexler
Get up a little higher
Christean Lattener
Get up a little higher
Get up a little higher