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Confira a Letra Lovely Daze

It's ten a.m. and I just woke up
Walked to the window and opened the shades up
Sun so bright that I can hardly see
But I'm a black man, so I pass on a tan
Dip to the bathroom take me a shower
But first called up my girl told her be ready in an hour
I was still a bit tired man I'm laggin'
Grabbed the toothbrush to kill the dragon
Lord have mercy great day in the morning
Turn on the water and I'm stretchin and yawnin
Tryin to get a blender to hot with the cold
Man I'm young but why I feel so old
Get it just right then step to the mirror
Rubbin my eyes to make my vision get clearer
Everything looks a-o.k.
And today is gonna be a lovely day

(a lovely day)
Lovely day
Lovely day
Lovely day
Lovely day

So I jet out the crib and hop in the benzo
Today is my girl's day can all of my friends go
Just me and her top down on the highway
If you're gonna do it then why not do it the fly way
First a car wash next the barber shop
Then off to my girl's crib that's my next stop
A dozen roses a card and candy
I'm a true mackadocious Mr. Romanty
She hopped in and she asked where we're goin'
Yo we like a twig in the nile we just flowin'
Maybe to the beach or maybe hook up a picnic
But yo it doesn't matter cause today we just kickin' it
I threw in my homemade slow tape
And off to the beach for some beautiful landscape
Man this is a bonafide lovers delight
Got the ocean on the left the mountains on the right
I said yeah cause that's the way I was feelin'
Free as a bird got the clouds for a ceiling
I wish that I could press the gas and fly away
Today has been a lovely day


It's dark outside now and it's gettin' kinda late
The date was great but here comes the moment that I hate
It's too bad a lovely day has gotta end up like this
A wave goodbye with a hug and good night kiss
Mmmm I said good night my lovely
I said mmmm good night my lovely
She said what you gonna leave me all alone
Oh I forgot to tell you there ain't nobody home
Now y'all know me I'm a real cool guy
But inside things was kinda like the fourth of July
We walked inside I said, "Hello there miss"
Then she gave me a kiss oh you want some of this?
Unh passion building mentally bondin
Slowly I caress her and she's respondin
Close your eyes and keep thinkin of me
Here I come girl