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Confira a Letra Special Announcement

Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince

Special Announcement

OK we're rollin'
Yo this is Dana, we from Word-Up Records here
We'd just like to introduce some of our dope music to you
Saying dope is like the kind of music you would love to hear
Like my man on the wheels of steel
Yeah that's him the magnificent Jazzy Jeff
The supreme one word
Can I get a little help from my main man Fresh Prince

And you know it we just gonna take this couple of minutes to say
What's up and thank you to all our people
We wanna thank dana
I'd like to thank each and every one of you who bought our records word
And continue to buy them
That's right Dana Goodman
To all the people who play them ha ha word thank you
Thanks Sandra yeah thanks Paul who else man
We wanna thank the whole world
Jeff wants to extend special thanks
Extra special thanks,
This extra special thanks to the three guys that started him out
Mixing man way back years ago
Oh OK it was a guy named Pearly Lewis
Oh yeah a guy named Kenneth Adams word
And a guy named Mark Johnson
Jeff wants to thank them specially
I'm with it we cant forget our main man
He's the manager of the group Lorenzo Pen word
And we also cant forget our other main man
The man that puts our joints together for us
What's his name Joe the Butcher and you know it
Jeff wants to say thanks Tina, he loves you
And of corse the Fresh Prince wants to extend special thanks to Gina