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Confira a Letra Scream

Yeah Yeah Hell Yeah
Come on
So all you people on the left
(Are you ready to rock the house)
People on the right
(Are you ready to rock the house)
People up front
(Are you ready to rock the house)
Man in the back
(Are you ready to rock the house)
Well say Ho (Ho)
Say ho ho (ho ho)
Say ho ho ho (ho ho ho)
Now Scream
Mic check
Are you ready yet
Well get set
'cause I'm about to jet like a corvette
With the quickness snap it like a whip
It's a sickness that's making my rhymes rip
Peddle to the metal
94 octane
Flow like the rain
And I aim to entertain
Like it or not
FP wont stop
Because I'm the cream of the crop
So sss hot
Up and down they go just watch them
Up and down they go (Jump, Jump)
And as they go
Well I'm a show
Them that I can flow
But homie should I stop though?
Hell No
But no wait ah ah until the end I
Kick the volume pump the adrenaline I
Watch the crowd sway
Every time we play
Each and every day
We make the crowd say
Ho (Ho)
Say ho ho (ho ho)
Say ho ho ho (ho ho ho)
Now Scream
Once again I'm in the house
When I be rippin it
The crowd be kickin it
This boy's bad
With a pen and a pad
Records selling like mad
People thought it was a fad
Cause back in the day some folks weren't with it
What's this rap thing? They just ain't get it
They didn't understand, they didn't quite see
It's all about adrenaline, straight up energy
So everybody say hey (hey)
So everybody say hey (hey)
I wanna rip it J
Well homie go ahead man
I wanna rip it J
Well homie go ahead yeah
Yo a super dooper
Party trooper
Never been a party pooper
Heart breakin
Money makin
Man they get them parties shakin
Music pumpin
Crowd is jumpin
Giving people what they want
And always rhymin all the time and check it
Yo and now
I wanted to make up a record
That I could just rock at the ??? of the time
I wanted to make it so funky
That it would just stick in the back of your mind
I wanted it simple so people could sing it
And dance while they're bopping their heads
So gimme the uh gimme the uh gimme the uh gimme the uh Yeah
That's the way ah ha ah ha I like it ah ha ah ha yeah
Let it go yo
The boys are all pro
So get on the floor right now and let me hear you say ho (ho)
Say ho ho (ho ho)
Say ho ho ho (ho ho ho)
Now Scream
Come on all the ladies in the house
All the pretty young ladies in the house
Let me hear you say aahh owww (aahh owww)
Come on say aahh owww (aahh owww)
Homeboys make some noise let me hear you say Yeah
Say hell yeah (hell yeah)
Now scream
For years they been tryin to figure out how to stop the prince
They say that im conceited but I'm not it's just confidence
Rougher than an outlaw quicker than the flash
For records to movie to TV I'm grabbing cash and I'm dashing
The P-(R)-I-(N)-C-(E)
With the fresh on the front
And I'm a give you what you want
Step on stage and just rip it as I laugh
Tear down the house leaving lookin like backdraft
All night I'm on the flow on
And I'm a go on
On the stage
In a rage
I'm a flow on
You read the billboard then I'm sure that you know
The riggidy riggidy rhymes are riggidy rhyme and climb to uno
Uh uh uh yo don't don't don't
Jeff will we be taking out?
(No, no, no)
The only other crew that play the way that we play
And all day, everyday, we play to make the crowd say
Ho (Ho)
Say ho ho (ho ho)
Lemme hear you say ho ho ho (ho ho ho)
Now Scream
Come on say Ho (Ho)
Come on say ho ho (ho ho)
One more time say ho ho (ho ho)
Now scream
It's hot y'all
You don't stop y'all
I keep on
Till the break of dawn
It's like a little boy blue blowing on his horn
Its like a daylight dance marathon
It's like a grasshopper hopping on the morning lawn
And you know its got to be
You know it's got to be
You know it's really, really, got to be
Now you know it's got to be on