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Confira a Letra Redeeming Son

Jennifer Howland

Redeeming Son

I am not ashamed of what You've done (In me, in me)
Found my worth in Your redeeming Son (Jesus my Savior)
I was so alone and on the run (on the run)
He left the 99 to find the one (find the one)
When the clouds of doubt have blocked the sun
I will look to the hills where my help comes from

Aha ah ah ah ah
No matter what you're going through
Aha ah ah ah ah
The lord he will pull you through

CHORUS: Redeeming Son (redeeming, redeeming Son)
Restoring one (the One who restores my heart)
Redeeming Son (ooh ooh ooh ah ah ah ah )
Our hope is come (He has come)

Everything I am I owe to You
And anything I do I do for You
Nothing could replace Your love for me
Cause whom the Son sets free is free indeed
I'm a child of the Most High and daughter of a King
Chosen before all creation
He is all I need

Aha ah ah ah ah
No matter what you're going through
Aha ah ah aha ha
The lord he will pull you through

Redeeming Son, restoring One
Redeeming Son, our hope is come