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Confira a Letra Keep This With You

Jet Lag Gemini

Keep This With You

Here, my dearest friend, won't you take this with you til the end?
When all, your weapons fail and there's noo-O crew left to sail
Just climb the mast and bring your best disguise
Screamin weeeee won't surrender.
We won't surrender.
Weeee won't surrender, here, we have no fear.

And when, all of your dreams...Go belly up, it seems....
That you, you took a hit, and its time to cash in all your chips whooaa
So keep your fingers crossed and linger on
Screamin weeeeeee won't surrender
We won't surrender.
Weeee won't surrender, here, we have no fear.

When it feels like there's no hope
And there's no place, left to float.
When your thrown to the air on a wing and a prayer
You must grab it and keep it with youuuu
With yoouuuu, keep it with youuuuu
With youuuuu