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Confira a Letra Holding



If I did believe
In a place above
There's no way they'd take your love
A place you never go
Go anywhere near
Cos you're only going down from here
Your soul is on its own

I'm holding, something
That makes me feel as if I
Let go, my world will turn and trail away
And if you hold me
You'll see that I am deep inside
That I'm only, lonely for you

If I find the truth
And I pin it on you
Your soul would tear in two
Will it last the night?
Will it last my life?
With nothing to prove
I'm second guessing your every move


See me turn away from the struggle in your soul
You're one hell of an angel and there's only one way you're gonna go. And it's down... You're going straight down


I got nothing to prove
I'm second guessing your every move