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Confira a Letra When It Comes To Lovin


When It Comes To Lovin

The girl's on fire
I'm talkin' top of the line, head of the heap
She's so hot she burns my blues away

Now I'm no liar
She's got a body so fine she'd make a grown man weep
It comes to mind I think she knows your name.

Like a forbidden fruit I had to taste
You put her on a shelf I couldn't let her go to waste.

I know she's your sister but I can't pretend
When it comes to lovin' I have no friends
I got me some action that I can't defend
When it comes to lovin' I have no friends

I got you all fired up
Yeah, you're ready to blow, stamping your feet.
I don't want to fight, just let me have my say.

The girl's crazy drives me out of my mind
But lovin' like this is hard to find
I know I'm doing wrong but it feels so right

It's not like I'm trying to put a ring on her finger
Just a flash in the pan, I wouldn't let it linger.

Love is a strange and winding force
It can choose an attraction without remorse
I've tried all the women a man can take
But she's what I recommend for a case of heartache

I know she's your sister
But I can't resist her
You're not going to like how the story ends

When it comes to lovin'
When it comes to fuckin'
I have no friends!

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