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Confira a Letra 100 Thousand Sold pt.2


100 Thousand Sold pt.2

I woke up this morning looked in the mirror
and said its either me or
you but its time for a change like Lyor
Cohen thoughts start flowin when I hear a Def Jam
I passed the torch from my right to my left hand
I'm just a average joe with a far from average flow
minus the fact I'm nice I'm sorta like you
take my skills subtract it twice
divide that by 2 that's you and that's about right
but back to my life where the saga continues
tell these promoters start lookin for some venues
I'm backstage meditatin breathin easy
waitin for the moment I'm signaled by Kameezy
two thumbs up that's when I know it's a go
The Emcee rocks every set like its his last show
professionalism I hold in high regards
cause to me this here is more than just a job
it's the culmination of all that I believe
hiphops the oxygen that I need to breathe
success is measured by what one achieves
I brushed my shoulders off and rolled up my sleeves
see the empire ain't gonna build itself
sick of sittin on the shelf went on a hiatus
you are listenin to the greatest
story never told the sequel to 100 thousand sold
talk to 'em K...

Kamel (breakdown)

...lets assume I made it plus accumlated a fanbase
could you picture the look on this mans face
a moment I cant wait for record wise
only way I'll flop is if I ever stop affectin lives
I got a point to get across now whether 1 person
get it or a million the message isn't lost
of course I want plaques that's certified diamond
but more than that I just love rhymin
perfect timin when when I flow
my styles far from Common plus I aint from Chicago
but big up to Mr. Lynn who motivated me to spit
again and we aint ever interact
ready to quit lost balance got my center back
BE reminded me why I even got into rap
the boom bap when you feel like you in a room
trapped and the only escape is in the form of a tape
for every situation theres a song to relate
at that moment I knew that I belong with the greats
it's the freestyle specialist slash song writer
pull a all nighter just to make the song tighter
tryin to sell 10 million copies you so hopeless
I'm workin on a 100K I'm so focused
you know I got mine fasho
so that's just 99 thousand 999 to go...