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Confira a Letra 36-24-36 (Applebottom Jeans)


36-24-36 (Applebottom Jeans)

You know...when it comes to the ladies...
I think about what my man fife dog said...
Uh remember...
I like em brown, yellow, puerto rican or asian...

[hook: x2]
Heres something that i bet you never seen (whats that)
Asian girl in some applebottom jeans (ok)
36 uh 24 uh 36 uh, baby lets go uh
See her from the back n be like she blazin
Think she black, turn around found out she asian
So amazin what an odd occasion
I'ma tell u this for ur information
I like em brown, black, even caucasian
But this one got me standin here dazin
So sick, think i need my medication
This is not a song, its a dedication
For my nation, a celebration
Its a party u dont need an invitation
But back to whats in front of my facing
Good god what a beautiful creation
I dont give a damn whats ur reputation
U independent and u got an occupation
I'ma take u to da club from da basement
Then i might hit up the radio station

[hook x2]

I got this chinese broad that stays out in the bay
Leave comments on my myspace every single day
Got a korean chick who stays down in texas
When im in town, scoop me up in a lexus
A japanese joint in miami on the low
She said she got a man but he out in tokyo
My viet chick got more than good looks so u know
I ask her can she cook n she said fo sho
Got a 20 year old that still watches nickalodeon
I think she half thai and half cambodian
A weed head that likes to puff on a killa of green
From the phillipines, love the way she fill her jeans
Asked this one shorty if we could chat
She told me she was laos
And i asked wheres that?
Then she proceeded to show me on the map
I said thats where we goin cuz baby thats where its at

[hook x2]

What's that?! there she go, ok [x4]
Whats that? ok [x8] (36, 24,36)

[hook x2]

Its ya boy jin y'all
Everybody back home already know i got wild love for y'all
But check it out, i jus got my passport renewed
So ima go around the world for a second aite
Ima be back, shout out to all my ppl up top
Im talkin bout in canada, t-dot, vancity, mount rail i see y'all
Cant forget all my ppl in out in da uk, thats rite down in london
All my ppl partyin down in lexton square uh huh
Big ups to everybody in australia, that layin down under, u know sydney, purf, melbourne
And of course the gulf coast
Big up to all my ppl in hong kong
Im gone