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Confira a Letra Bucolic Blues

Joe D'Aguiar

Bucolic Blues

Open those windows, fell the heat and the light
There's a whole life waiting for you outside
Get out of this bed, don't wait for the things come to you
Just leave me dreaming with my bucolic blues

Listen to me, boy, what is this all about?
I gotta go now, so don't let it out
You have no idea of what I came through
So don't disturb my bucolic blues

Well, don't believe in what people say to you, girl
Cause I love you and I'll prove so
I won't say that I'd give you the moon
But I can write you a bucolic blues

Hey, Mr. Waiter, come here for a while
I crossed the big river and fought countless miles
Bring me a whisky and a cigarette too
'Cause I'm living this bucolic blues