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Confira a Letra No Time to Cry

Joe Nichols

No Time to Cry

My father died
a year ago today
the rooster started crowing
when they carried dad away
there beside my mother
in the livingroom I stood
with my brother and my sister knowin
dad was gone for good
Then I, I hung around just long enough
to lay him in the ground
then I caught a plane to do a show
up north in Detroit town
because I'm older now
and I ain't got not time to cry

I got no time to look back
I got no time to see
the pieces of my heart that have been ripped away from me
and if the feelings start to come in I've learned to stop them fast
cuz I don't know if I let em go they might not wanna pass
and there's just so many people
tryin to get me on the phone
and there's bills to pay and songs to play
and a house to make a home
I guess I'm older now
and I ain't got not time to cry

I can still remember
before I heard of Merle
so many things have changed
so much here in my world
I remember sitting on the front porch
when an ambulance drove by
just listening to those sirens I would break down and cry
now I'm walkin and I'm talkin
doin just what I'm supposed to do
working overtime to make sure I don't come unglued
Because I'm older now... and I ain't got not time to cry

I sit down on the sofa and I watch the evening news
there's a half-a-dozen tragedies from which to pick and choose
the baby that was missing was found in a ditch today
and there's bombs flying and people dying not so far away
I'll take a beer from the fridgerator and sit in the yard
with a cold one in my hand I'm gonna bite down and swallow hard
Because I'm older now and I ain't got not time to cry

Its true

I'm older now
Just ain't got not time to cry
No time to cry
No time to cry