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Confira a Letra All Those Heroes

John Mayall's Bluesbreakers

All Those Heroes

when i was a boy about the age of ten
got some old records by the blues men
found a big connection to my lonely life
i coudn't wait to learn some more about them
the blues hit me deeper than i'd ever known
i knew i'd never be the only one alone
so special - all those heroes
blind lemon jefferson - barbecue bob
blind boy fuller and blind blake
the stories they told about the lives they lived
stirred imagination and a heartache
started out playin' on an old guitar
now i get to play the blues near and far
so special - all those heroes
when i was a man about twenty three
i got some albert ammons inside me
i borrowed a piano and took my time
i thought about another king to guide me
yalk about boogie on a piano
there ain't a man to beat big maceo
so special - all of my heroes
the power of the blues make a lion roar
got my harp gowling like an old bear
so many guys who ain't around no mere
left us a magic we can all share
big bill broonzy and all of his friends
the joint be jumpin' till the living end
so special - all those heroes
the great muddy waters and howlin wolf
said a whole lot of livin' in a blues song
i'd take me all day namin' all the names
so many fellas who are long gone
we all got the legacy to carry on
the spirit of the blues is gonna live on
so special - all my heroes