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Confira a Letra 2000 Ad

John Mellencamp

2000 Ad

The Sky is black and you can't see the sun
and I know it's gone for a reason
The Eagle has landed on the moon
and the weather is all of one season
In the holy book it reads
Look for the signs and you can see
That the earth is dying from the flilt and the sort
and soon we'll be leaving
and the ground is dead
and you can't grow a thing
and it dosn't matter what your breathing
If we have used our heads this land would not have been dead

Look around my friends
and you will see
That there's nothin left here for you and me

You walk out the door and you fall on the floor
and don't no what it is that your smelling
and there's dirt in your eyes
and your wondering why
how long we've got to live, there's no telling
Well the moon is turning red
and soon we'll all be dead

Look around my friend
and you can see
That's there's nothin left here for you and me