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Confira a Letra I'm Stone In Love With You

Johnny Mathis

I'm Stone In Love With You

If I could I'd like to be, a great big movie star.
Overnight sensation; drive a big expensive car.
I would buy you everything your little heart desires.
These things I do, 'cause I'm stone in love with you.
(Stone in love with you)

If I were a businessman, I'd sit behind a desk.
I'd be so successful; I would scare Wall Street to death.
I would hold a meeting for the press to let them know.
I did it all, 'cause I'm stone in love with you.
(Stone in love with you)

I'm just a man, an average man
doing everything the best I can
But if I could, I'd give the world to you...

I'd like to someday be the owner of the first house on the moon.
There would be no neighbours, and no population boom.
You might say that all I do is dream my life away.
I guess it's true, 'cause I'm stone in love with you