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Confira a Letra Different Story

Jon Thurlow

Different Story

Heavy in my soul, and it feels larger than life, too big to hide
It’s like I just can’t stop this pain deep within
Lost with no hope, so much failure and pride I can’t deny
It’s like I’m trapped inside a maze with no end

I’m looking to the healer, I’m looking to the maker
I’m not alone, not on my own
‘Cause I can feel you working in me

For breaking my chains
For setting my heart free
For giving me a new name
This is a different story
For saying I’m yours
For saying you love me
I’m not alone anymore
This is a different story

Wounds in my heart
They are not what they seem, you have redeemed
They are the windows where you shine your glory
Pain from my past, no it’s not like it sounds been turned around
I am the canvas where you tell your story

Healer of my heart I will surrender to you
I’m not my own do what you want to do
You’re the God of hope
You’re making everything new in me