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Confira a Letra Need To Know

Jon Thurlow

Need To Know

I heard your voice speak and my heart understood
That you were with me, and it changed me for good

But sometimes I feel like I’m walking alone
And I wonder where you are
Where is that sense of your presence I felt
Back when we were at the start

Tell me once again, I need to hear say you love me in this moment
Tell me once again, I need to know you’ll never leave me
And when the road grows dark, take me in your arms
Tell me that you’ll always love me like the way you do

Life’s like an epic story - so many parts
Sometimes the sun is shining, sometimes it’s dark

It’s in those times, when the darkness has come
I begin to feel afraid
Pressures and tensions bear down on my soul
I need to hear the truth again

I can climb a mountain if I know
That you’re with me any place I go
It’s your presence that has made me brave
It’s your presence that will keep me safe