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Confira a Letra Power Of Your Love

Jon Thurlow

Power Of Your Love

Life was empty and my heart was dead
Dry and hungry on the inside
I didn’t know that I was all alone
Walking through the dark with no light

But you reached out and pulled me into your heart
And you gave my broken life a brand new start (I testify)

The way you saved me
The way you changed me
The name you gave me, it’s the power of your love
I am alive now
I’ll never die now
I’m yours, you’re mine now, it’s the power of your love

Life was full of pain, my heart was numb
So much hurting on the inside
I ran away from you, and hid in the darkness
Couldn’t find my way back to the light

It’s always been, it never ends, and time and time again
Your love comes just when I need it
It never fails, it never fades, and time and time again
Your love keeps me running my race