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Confira a Letra Your Love Is Better

Jon Thurlow

Your Love Is Better

More than a life that is filled with pleasure
More than a life that is free of pain
More than having success that promises to make me happy
Or a platform where everybody knows my name

I am wanting a heart that is longing for you
So here’s my weak yes, come and help me make it true

Be my heart’s cry, and be my heart’s reason
Be the one thing that I won’t stop seeking
I just know your love is better
All of my days, in every season
You’re the one thing that my heart is needing
I just know your love is better
More than a life that might bring me comfort
Or a laid back pace, where peace of mind is guaranteed
More than having no obstacles that might make for trouble
Or a lifestyle that promises to be carefree

If I have one request, it is to gaze on your holiness
If I could be one place, it would be in your house all my days
If I have one desire, it is to look in those eyes of fire
One thing I’m longing for, to give you worship forevermore