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Confira a Letra Babe, So Now Why No?


Babe, So Now Why No?

Babe if I can call you call that?
It makes me kind of sad that the question could be asked.
What's left to talk about if we'd had that chat?
It's best not to spell it out and leave it at that

So you've got me figured out
you know the right lines and know there not allowed
It was meant to be a real big argument
but when you call me that name it doesn't stand a chance

Now I'm feeling kind of strange
You got me angry but I'm laughing
You've won your little game
now its time to cut it out cause where does this leave me
if I can't even stand my ground and you don't give me a chance

Why don't we ever sort this out?
Cause you're to preoccupied with winning the next round.
I know I've said this before maybe a thousand times
But you'll have the last word even if it's random sounds.