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Confira a Letra History Of Headaches


History Of Headaches

too my disgrace
they never wanted this ..
it's good for me
they gotta wait on this tear

oh my distant
they will wait for your arm
who's there I know it's a broken
what's that wish I was hoping
out of the light into the cold

out of my room
it doesn't matter who's home
girl out for ..
I don't know why I'm feeling

seat back I know it's a broken
what's that wish that I was hopin
out of the light into the cold

I really wanna be the one yeah yeah yeah
and how about the girl in you, hey you
I know I wanna be somewhere
and listen for a love we share

and how about you
says my love is proof
from now I get out today
all in new
say my love is..
head from my
all in you said my love was..
hey and now I love enough today
all ..ohh