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Confira a Letra Balance 14

Joris Voorn

Balance 14

I predict number 14 in the Balance series of compilations will be the one that people are still talking about in years to come. It's composer Joris Voorn has astonishingly managed to cram over 100 tracks into the space of two CDs! You'd be forgiven for thinking it might sound like a mish-mash of jarring sounds, but the mixing and subtle sequencing is of the highest level; Voorn the artist, painting shades and tones appropriate for a masterpiece.
Both mixes are deep and spacey, taking in the likes of Robert Babicz and Minilogue alongside Cobblestone Jazz and Goldie. Moments of sweet melody from Silicone Soul and Poni Hoax pop out and surprise you while sections of peculiar melancholy surface on occasion (Aphex Twin and Spinvis near the end of CD two). Largely though it chuggs along in pleasing harmony.
To get a deeper insight into the complexity of the music, Voorn has provided an essential companion piece in the form of an audio visual web application. It let's you listen to both mixes in full with a visual guide to what tracks are currently playing. A really great idea!