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Confira a Letra Heart Of Song

Josef K

Heart Of Song

There's so many pathways that lead to the heart
The records were letters, the wrong place to start
So devoid of expression I can tell at a glance
Stripped at face value we can glide into trance
On the freeway so dark in the heat of this night
We can tune in on them if the frequency's right

These words are so dull, yeah,
The records were letters
Though it's easy to hear the message through song
Something will give if they carry on
I'm stripped of self-virtue, that can't be too smart
Should've stayed locked away, the cure can't be far

The cure can't be far, should've stayed locked away
Smash up the radio, that's enough for one day
These words are so dull, yeah, the records were letters
There's so many pathways that lead to the heart (etc)