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Confira a Letra Heaven Sent

Josef K

Heaven Sent

One fine day while I'm away
There'll be? a message by the phone
So you know just what to say
When heaven calls to ask you home

Oh no, not again
To heaven I will send
Oh no, not again

Invitations are all but won
To come and hear the things you done
I wait around until they say
It's all OK on judgement day

The day I get there, just in time
And be prepared for what I find
If you feel that it's OK
I'll stick around, they'll be away

I see you off there, flying high
You disappear into the sky
I watch the angels gather 'round
And then you fall down to the ground

And so the gates were closed to you
And all the time I think of you
Nevermind, maybe they'll send
An invitation to try again