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Confira a Letra Anywhere With You

Joseph Arthur

Anywhere With You


Belief is just a resident
Of things you heard when the pain was clear
You've been traveling in so far
Only to find out your still nowhere near

You're the creator of the gods
And the whores of the Babylon
Most just want your money
But one or two will kill you for a song

Singing to the drifter
Singing to the banker and the maid
Singing to the sling shots
Singing to the diamond and the ???

And the Thieves are gone
And the thieves are gone
And the thieves are gone

I'm ready to go anywhere
Anywhere with you
And we sing this song over over
With you my love

Shouting at the fire engines
Rolling down Jefferson at dawn
Everyone corrupted
And looking like there's nowhere to belong

I see your eye's are spinning
Swallowing the world the way it blooms
The walls began to dance
And your thoughts began appearing in balloons

So when the strangers sugar coat servants at the seam
As the beggars bleeding butchers betting back the bread the bank round you to bring
And trucks with number flames roll undisturbed thru greenhill, so will I
Your trying to nurse the sprit, but it's enough for most just to survive

And their eye's are gone

I'm ready to go anywhere
Anywhere with you
And we sing this song over over
With you my love

Someone needs an operator
Someone else is broken on the road
The one by loves it's self too much
That never got around to explode

Games and animators say
We'll be forgiven and do time
But there has always been an alligator
Biting off the heads of those who shine

Nothing here is real
And nothing here holds any true weight
Heading out of Troutville
Bleeding hands reaching for the bank

Pull me from the stream
And I will fight like danger in the air
And as you are driving by the accident
Each review will start to stare

I'm sending you a postcard

I'm ready to go anywhere
Anywhere with you
As we sing this song over over
With you my love

I'm sending you a post card

But I am nowhere
And you are nowhere too
Well I don't have a stamp
So I'll just burn it if it's all the same to you

It held no information
Cause every word that's spoken is a lie
For you were never born
So there is no way you will ever die

What's the use of feeling for someone
That you made up in your mind
You dream that you are lost
And you imagine that there is a you to find

But there just aint nobody
No savior, no heaven and no hell
Just a load of broken junk
You're looking for an idiot to sell

Your life it doesn't work
But you've resigned yourself to live it till the end
The way you look so kind
But no one seems to notice so you just pretend

Then you get depressed

I'm ready to go anywhere
Any where with you
As we sing this song over over
With you my love

Then you get depressed
So you find yourself a doctor and a pill
To make the line more comfortable
And make-believe your following your will