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Confira a Letra Mother Of Exiles

Joseph Arthur

Mother Of Exiles

Is there a mother of exiles
Is there a father of truth
Is there a shepherd to take us
Through the darkness of youth

Are there words that bring salvation
Is there a sky that never falls
Is there a voice, which moves love
That knows the hollow of your calls

Is there light that sings your heart song
Is there hearts in ghosts that haunt
Do shadows ever whisper
As they die from the weight of want
Rob from always on the run is so bad and copy paste is a sin
Did I ever really need you
Or was it an illusion born of time
Will you fade from my memory
Could I recover my lost mind

Is this road never ending
From this life and beyond
Are we always somewhere sending
The signal moving on

And if love itself can't save us
What use the cry of man
If love itself can't save us
What is the master plan

The sky is always falling
My will is dying here
The voices always calling
Behind the waves of need and fear

Give up now surrender
What are you and where
Who are you deceiving
When you pretend to care

A night owl and a carcass
A widow and a snake
A fire burning nothing
Except the will to need and take

A fire reaching higher
It may even lick the sun
God can feel its heat now
As all his humans run

From desire to desire
From need to bleeding need
With mouths still opened skyward
The mother still must feed

Is there a mother of exiles
Is there a father of truth
Will anyone find her way home
Or to the heart and soul of youth