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Confira a Letra Desert Father

Josh Garrels

Desert Father

When we were young
We walked where we wanted to
Life was ours

And now we’re old
We go where we’re told
The Lord’s Spirit calls

He’s singing
Follow my road to sorrow and joy
Be intertwined

And find
All things are under my wings
And rise
Given time

Oh my
Brother sun, sister moon
All children of light

Fly around the world
Let the glory be unfurled
All things are made new

We’re marching on
To a spirit song
That no man can cage

In lands of dead wood
That reject the good
From our old Father’s hands

But we run free
And weep gracefully
In a world
Dark and cold

Hold on
All you
Who wait by the blue shores
For Him

To part the water
Desert Father
Show us a new way

The impossible dream
Through the deep and the unseen
Carry us home