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Confira a Letra Break

Joshua Adams


You know what you do
Making me want to
Hands all over you
Til I feel you barely breathin'

In and out till dawn
Who cares if it's wrong
On and on and on
Break me down until we're freaky

You're begging me to come
I'm begging you to stay
I never knew you'd be the one to make me break
You were the girl next door
Now you're my little whore
I love the way you that you're the one to make me break

Following your curves
Right up past your skirt
Swallowing each word
Nothing's ever tasted sweeter

Looking up at me
Kneeling at my feet
Feeling your heartbeat

I love the way
You say my baby
The more we play
The more I crave
To break me down
Down on you