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Confira a Letra Over My Head

Joshua Panda

Over My Head

We exchanged our heart
Spent some time apart and things got loose
And the closer that we got
Was like another knot in the noose
But we apologized
Tears fell from our eyes we made it work
But after one too many drinks
Your eyes still make me think I am a jerk

And I've tried and tried and more
But it's something that you just cannot ignore
What I did or what I may have said
You say it's fine but darling instead

You hold it over my head
You hold it over my head

The wedding was so quick
It came so fast it made folks sick, oh what a fever
The courtship it was wild
Suddenly there was a child I'll never leave her
So I found some steady pay
Said all the things you say when you have a family
But soon both our fires died
It was too big to hide still you stayed with me

And we've tried and tried and more
But there are no avenues left to explore
We sit in the dark for our fire's dead
And you say it's fine but darling instead

You hold it over my head
You hold it over my head

Your tears fall down like cinder blocks
Making it so hard for you to walk
How will you ever know the sun is so warm
When all you do is sit and think about the storm
Time has aged our skin
But we're still the same within we've just gotten older
We don't get out as much
I can still feel your touch, and it's gotten colder
The kids have moved away
You still call them every day they are your scapegoat
But when you hang up on the phone
Though I am here you are alone, you are a ghost

And it's been so many years
And you're still haunted by all the same fears
So many drunken nights I have heard you say
That you would leave that you would run away

And you hold that over my head
You hold it over my head
When we're layin' in our bed
You hold it over my head