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Confira a Letra Bye

Today is going far away now
The one minute, the one second is promising
Maybe its supposed to be like this
I wonder who else knows how I feel
Today will not come again a second time
I will have no more lingering attachment
My greed for you is endless
I will keep my memories now
I will keep my feelings towards you as well

*Why does time end when I am regretting it?
Oh- am I the only one like this?
Why does time always end when I am happy?
Is this only happening to me?

**I feel bad about today
I cant fall asleep and I just keep sighing till I get to sleep
oh- you stupid person, tomorrow morning
The sun will still rise..

Im so happy this moment
I hope tomorrow and the day after that
I hope they will be like today
If thats not it, if there is no tomorrow
I will feel so bad, I will hate the time