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Confira a Letra The Return of Midnight Wolves


The Return of Midnight Wolves

Where the darkest woods
Where the coldest nights
Where unholy winds
Are emperors of fight
Where the evil beasts
Where the grimy wolves
Are lords of the hate
They feel a hunger and they must kill
(the eternal source of hatred)

I shall never fly again
Like the blizzard and eternal night
As the bird and flame
(or the ark of wrathfull might)

The return of midnight wolves
The return of winter souls
The return of northern death
The return of burning snow
(in the name of...) blackness...

Beast rise a snouts
And evil sweeps to the light
They gulp the traitors
Who aren't servants of night
Unearthly reality in wails of people
Light of moon in hearts of wolves
Northern wind over the woods
And fullmoon's cry in the internal night

From the mist stony eyes
They will come as twilight
Till the shadows burn (again)
In the lost eternity...

Diabolical nights return
Winter moons, killing winds
Midnight wolves return
Prepare for battle and submit winterkings

When the acrimonious witches burn
By the hand of the Christian lands
Hellish wolves are rancorous
And the blackflame in their hearts

Blood in mouths of merciless beasts
Rot of worthless devout persons
Darkings - alive, stupids - dead
We'll burn legions of false God